Shadow’s Voice

Rose Trewin is on the run. Pursued by memories of her father, she runs from city to city, seeking normalcy. But Rose can’t escape her past, or the magic running through her veins, the magic that allows her to slip through the shadows unnoticed. The magic her father once used to mold her into a mercenary sent to destroy his enemies.

Now her magic is growing and changing, becoming something new and untamed. Rose is unable to rest. Wolves wrapped in fog follow her relentlessly along the countryside. Desperate, she uses her magic to escape, but the shadows are pushing her towards the center of a conspiracy.

Now, her country teeters on the brink of a civil war as a Lord Governor gathers power against the king. An enemy, with magic similar to her own, emerges in the chaos of political intrigue.

Faced with a country at war and a king brought to his knees, Rose must accept who she is and harness her powers in order to save her country and herself.

Shadow’s Voice is a dark and exciting work of fantasy fiction penned by author Natalie Johanson. The central plot follows the young Rose Trewin, a drifter who has much more to her than first meets the eye. Rose has been imbued with deadly magical powers, allowing her to merge with shadows, and now those powers are building into something even more terrifying. As Rose tries to escape those who gave her such powers in the first place, her homeland verges on a devastating civil war. Rose is one of the few people who could actually help to bring peace against an enemy with magic like her own, and so she must face her true self to help those people she cares for.

Author Natalie Johanson writes a cracking read right from the first few pages that immerse readers into the plot right away. Rose Trewin is a character that readers can relate to and be intrigued by at once, journeying with her as different obstacles force her to confront and discover the limits of her own power. The enemies she faces seek the usual power, greed, and total control, and the fact that Rose is far from a pure, selfless hero makes it interesting to see her own motivations coming through as she finds ways to combat forces greater than herself. Overall, Shadow’s Voice is an exciting and enjoyable fantasy read that is sure to please fans of the genre who are seeking unlikely heroes, exciting magical peril and plenty of drama.
— Readers' Favorite
Shadow’s Voice by Natalie Johanson is a Sci-Fi/fantasy novel. It is a story about Rose Trewin, and how she got entangled in a stranger’s mess. She has abilities she has been made to feel ashamed of and to hide from most people. These abilities allow her to move in the shadows unnoticed and allowed her to be molded into a ruthless mercenary by her father. She has been on the run for a very long time and fears staying in any place too long, in fear that he would find her. She has learned to trust no one which has served her well in the past. The story develops when she encounters another lone traveler, who strikes up conversations with her, changing her destiny forever. The story is filled with magic, betrayal, newfound friendship, and death.

I am thrilled I got to read this book, and I enjoyed the story so much I was sad when it ended. It fit the genre perfectly, and it ended up falling into a storyline that I love. Ones filled with magic and set in a time filled with dirt roads, cobblestones, and lone travelers going on quests. What I liked most is that things were able to develop naturally, and it wasn’t rushed or forced.

There are people who I wish would have made an entrance — people who were mentioned quite frequently, but never turned up. I hope there is a sequel in the works, as there are some unanswered questions that I think should be answered there. Although I have some questions, it didn’t take away from the book as it is now. I love how things happened cohesively, and I didn’t have a sense of confusion.


I think the book was well edited and well written. I loved so many things about this book, and I could not stop reading nor could I stop thinking about it. It was an absolute page-turner. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because[...]. I would recommend this book to all lovers of fantasy novels, ones with magic and set in a non-modern world. There were no graphic or explicit scenes and is okay for children.
— Online Book Club



Shadow's Voice Book 2

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