The Physical vs the Digital; an argument for aesthetic.

I was looking through authors related and similar to another author’s series I had just finished. I’m in a bit of a book hole right now. That search lead me to several authors I used to read on my Kindle and have forgotten about. (AH! Right? There are a lot of new books out I’ve been MISSING) Now I want to buy all the books and retreat to my reading nook for days. But…

I am now having quite the dilemma. I have, finally, a wall to wall, floor to ceiling book case set. I love it. I love having books in my hand and books in my library/office. I also have a kindle that, admittedly I’ve hardly used in the past two years. But, it has TONS of books on it. My online library of books is a little ridiculous.

But I’m having this thing where I really want and appreciate the old physical stuff in life. I recently bought my first vintage manual typewriter (insert squee of glee) and now that seems to have started a crisis.


I want all my books physical! I want to have a giant library with all my books and my typewriter and fancy pens. But, do I repurchase all my books I already have as an eBook? Part of me says no, that that is a silly waste of money. But the aesthetic part of me screaming for vintage old stuff says “Yes! Buy them all!”

I’m so torn. I think I’m going to be buying new books but my budget and wallet are already crying for me not to. What do you think? Worth it? I think so.

So those who are wondering… I’m wanting to repurchase and start reading these books again:

Kalayna Price’s Grave Witch series, Michelle Sagara’s Chronical’s of Elantra series, and Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock series. I’ve ready them before but since have missed several new releases (!!!) so I may just be starting over.