What books are your favorite?

I’m not quite finished with Shadow of Night (lord...do I have some bones to pick with that book by the way. Stay tuned for that article) but I was sitting in the office writing something unrelated and was checking out my little library. I have a really bad habit of buying books and only reading them once, so there are a lot I forget I own.  

My eyes fell on my worn copies of Green Rider and I got lost in memories. The plastic on the dust covers is peeling, the covers are wrinkled and bent. Bookmarks stick up through the books, marking places I know I'll want to go back to. These books have horses, magic but the magic doesn’t overwhelm the book, kings and romance. These books... do you have a book or a series of books that just live in you? For whatever reason, they are important to you more than other books?  

These books are, without measure, my favorite books of all time. There’s a relatively small fanbase which makes me sad because these books could be mainstream popular. I know some people take issue with Ms. Britain and think she should wrap these up already. There are currently six books (and lord almighty please let seven come soon). If you’re the kind of person who loves books with long plots, long life and a full world then these are for you, but prepare for a long wait between books.  

Maybe it’s because this was the first book I picked up and read, on my own without a teacher’s instruction, that cemented these books so securely in my heart. Books have a way of doing that without you realizing it. They offer something you didn’t know you need right when you need it and now it’s a part of you. I still don’t know what it is about Green Rider that stuck with me so much but it has.  

What books are stuck with you? Why? Where did you find them?