Book Haul

I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never read a book after I watched the movie/show. You can blame Harry Potter for that one. And so it has been. Until I discovered “A Discovery of a Witch” on Sundance.

Oh. My. God.

If the first episode was even half as good as the book then holy Moses Mary Mother… I need to read these books. I ended up binge watching the entire 1st season (omg when is season 2 coming?!) in one day. The show is amazing and Matthew Goode…mmmh. Am I right?

So, out I went to my local B&N. I bought the All Souls Trilogy. I flipped to the end of the first book (don’t yell at me I watched the show, unless shit goes sideways no spoilers for me there ok?) and it looks like the seasons are following each book. So that’s promising.

This show is good. And I mean good. Its a vampire/witch romance with political intrigue and humor without being cheesy or stereotypical. The plot is in depth enough that it feels like a real world but not so complex I can’t keep track of everything.

Photo Jan 26, 6 29 33 PM.jpg

I’m going to start the books and I’ll let you know later how they are. All I can say is I’m excited! And now that I’m in a show hole I can go back to the books to fill it!