Review of The Green Reaper by Elizabeth Fournier

I used to read all the time and then I was writing all the time. But then I got busy, with work, with editing, with publishing, with everything. I gave myself a new goal. To work through books published in my publishing house. To read them and review them and grow my blog. Bust mostly to get myself back into reading. 

I had forgotten how much I miss reading. I miss falling into the stories. I miss getting lost in the other worlds. And so, I fell into my first book and boy...let me tell you about it because I loved it.

I picked up this amazing Memoir by Elizabeth Fournier and I burned through it in days. This memoir was a lovely, heart warming tale. Elizabeth weaves the story of her life starting as a young child who lost her mother and when she asked why, she wasn't satisfied with the answer given to her by all the adults. "Just because". 

Elizabeth travels through her early years with what some would say is an unhealthy obsession with the death, but I feel its more an appreciation of death rituals. Throughout Elizabeth's journey through college, her job at a corporate mortuary, to starting her own funeral home she highlights the struggles and short comings with the standard funeral practice. How cold and distant the industry of funerals has become is a constant struggle that is highlighted through the memoirs.

Elizabeth weaves you through her journey of trying to balance a career and a business with her morals of providing something more than "just because" to the families that come to her. It is a heart warming journey of finding more peaceful ways to say goodbye. 

Throughout this book I was drawn in her world, her story and found myself cheering with her triumphs (I'm talking about you Michael) and cried for her losses. This is a beautiful story of grown and passion and learning to look for more than "just because".