Check out my author interview with Writing and Wellness where I talk about maintaining a health lifestyle and dealing with the mental stress of writing. Below is a little snippet of the article. Click the link above for the whole article.

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Check out my interview with the hilarious dudes at SoWhutChuSayin…the podcast to end all podcasts. I talk about inspiration, Shadow’s Voice, publishing and more random stuff.

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Check out my latest author interview

NYA Reads interviewed me about ‘Shadow’s Voice’, how I came to start writing and more! Check out the full interview.

How was your passion for writing born? How old were you?

Looking back I think I always loved writing, I just never realized that’s what it was. In the first grade I was writing stories about horses and their snake friends. In Jr. High I was writing, what is now called fanfic, for my favorite TV shows. I really got into writing when I read a book, which is still my all time favorite series, and the main character didn’t hook up with her beau. It killed me. So, I started writing my own ending to the book and realized I couldn’t ever publish it. I couldn’t ever see my writing bound with my name on the spine. That sparked my efforts to write my own story.

And when did you decide to publish your first book?

When I finally finished Shadow’s Voice, after years of starts and stops, starting over, and changing it completely, I wanted to publish it. I knew when I started it, I was writing it with the intention of publishing it. It was just a matter of actually finishing it.

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